About Me

Tech, Blogging, Gemini and more

About Me

Hey its me, caughtquick. I am an amateur programmer, tech enthusiast, and now tech blogger.

What I do?

I am just an amateur programmer, someone who enjoys coding. - My favorite language to code in is Python. - I am currently learning Java. - I use Void Linux as my Operating System of choice.

What about the Blog?

This blog will mostly be different things that I feel like are cool and worth blogging about. Mostly tech related, about FOSS, Linux, and Mechanical Keyboards.

If you have any ideas about what I should blog about contact me using one of the methods below.

Where You Can Find Me

Where do I code?

About This Website

This website itself is created using Hugo, a SSG (Static Site Generator) and uses the lekh theme.

I also plan to host a gemini capsule on gemini://gmi.caughtquick.tech when I get the chance.

This website is Open Source with the code being MIT x11 and the content under Attribution CC BY.